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How to properly handle your Abalone.

Abalone Expert
Abalone Expert Guide
Feb 25, 2018

A Guide everyone restaurant / bar will learn from

All of the tips in this Guide are extremely important. What Abalone you look for m/f, how it is transported once harvested, proper storage techniques, processing the Abalone, as well as cooking it perfectly for consumption, ALL HERE IN THE GUIDE. Every single business will benefit from this Guide. Not one business has been using all of the steps mentioned in the Guide. Each and every single step is extremely important for the Abalone to be properly handled and processed to perfection.

"I couldn't imagine doing it any differently! I loved the GUIDE, all of the steps used were things I never tried before." - The Crush

100% Guarantee that this guide will be useful to every single restaurant / bar.

If for any reason that you may have questions about the steps mentioned in the GUIDE, the ABALONE EXPERT will be happy to further consult you personally.

Abalone Expert

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