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Places to Dive

Fisk Mill Cove

One of my favorite areas to dive for Red Abalone on the North Coast, Fisk Mill Cove is such a treat. It is free to park your vehicle and it has restrooms and picnic tables.

How to dive the Cove

Fisk Mill Cove has a special trench area up close to the shore. This trench offers alot of places 

for the Abalone to feed and be protected from its prey. The idea of having a close spot to dive 

just off the shore may sound alluring, but make no mistake about it, at certain times this Cove 

can be EXTREMELY dangerous. It houses a washing machine type of tide that swirls around in a 

circular motion. For the more experienced as well as daring Abalone diver, just out to the right 

of the Cove as you enter the Ocean, is a large Rock with a white top. This is where I was able to 

get my prized male Abalone, just over 10 inches. It is a deep dive, so be careful.